Family Fun!

IMG_20160112_212631480I shared with you our focus on family, us and friends in the new year. We are two weeks in and so far have made some good progress. I don’t suspect all year will be this smooth as we get back into our daily routines, but every baby step counts right!

Typically when we leave our annual Florida trip we have lots and lots of flip charts and post-its on all that we are going to “do.” We seem to just love being “human doings”. We leave Florida and beeline it home because we have MUCH to do! While we were in Florida we found out that one of our daughters could visit us but it was the weekend that we were set to leave. So, we extended out stay for 2 nights and said “come on down!”. We had lots of fun eating, frolicking on the beach, playing games and doing puzzles. It was  wonderfully relaxing and joyful visit.



When we left Florida, instead of driving straight home, we made another stop to visit our other daughters and grandson. I know this might seem logical and natural to you, but most of the time we head straight back. I mean we have lots and lots to accomplish! (I hope you are catching my sarcasm).

It was great to take the time to eat a meal (prepared wonderfully by my eldest!) and to see everyone’s smiling faces. The images don’t capture all the fun we had but that was because I kept forgetting to take pictures because we were enjoying the time so much. (not a bad thing!)





Last night we quit working at a reasonable time and shared a nice dinner at home and some basketball followed up by reading and tea.

Tonight dinner with friends. Sunday, volunteering a bit a church.

We are still busy, keeping commitments and moving forward with things here at our home, but we are just trying to filter better and be OK with taking a break. So far no lighting has stuck and the world is still spinning so I think we are good!

How’s 2016 treating you so far?

Happy Friday!






Resolutions – Shaking Up Our Paradigm

Happy New Year and happy resolution time! I love the start of a new year (or season for that matter) and there is nothing that is more fun for me than a bunch of post it notes and flip charts to organize all that I want to accomplish. Hubby and I are really good at projects; we met on a project and have been projecting together ever since. Give us a task list and we will go, go, go!

So why mess with a good thing? I mean stuff gets done, we continue to do stuff and we have more stuff on the horizon.

Do you notice the repetitive word here?  STUFF.

Along with all this stuff comes other stuff. Mostly in the form of exhaustion, anxiousness, and the feeling that this stuff will never all get done.

I posed the question to hubby this week (before the flip charts and markers) – “what if we spend so much time doing stuff to build the dream that we are missing living the dream?” The dream is really to be married to each other and enjoy our home, family and friends. What if our doing stuff gets in the way of that?

We started thinking about this and some of our thoughts and crazy ideas about this were:

  • What if our “big rocks” became things like hubby, me, us, family, friends, church?
  • What if our projects became the “little rocks”?
  • What would happen if we put time every week for fun and relaxation regardless of how many project tasks were crossed off a list?
  • What would happen if we had people over for dinner while our kitchen was a work in progress?
  • What if we did not have self induced deadlines for our projects but instead put deadlines on when we would have dinner with someone or when we would call someone?
  • What if we laughed more?
  • What if we lightened up?

Thus birthed our 2016 resolutions. We have our focus as Hubby, Me, Us, Family, Friends and Church. Sure the projects will continue but weekly our check points will be the focuses that we have identified.

It sounds great huh? I think so. BUT these will be the hardest resolutions we have ever made. Our comfort zone is post its, tasks lists and getting stuff done (there is that word again).  Deciding to play cards, read a book, go to a movie when there is stuff that needs done will TOTALLY put us out of our comfort zone. Leaving a comfort zone, even for the greater good is hard, hard, hard! Last night at dinner we talked about how we were already nervous about this and we are not even back from vacation yet! 🙂

In the end, if we can make some of these changes, what will we see? I am not fearful of stuff not getting done- that is just not in our DNA. BUT I am in hopes that we will focus more on relationships and the moment than deadlines and tasks. I think at the end of 2016, if successful we will be happier and will feel like it was the best year “ever!”

I am sharing this here for accountability. I have put this out there so you will keep tabs on me. I will keep you posted on our progress (and our slips).

Paradigms are hard to shake up. Comfort zones are hard to leave. But that is where the most growth comes right?

What about you? What are your dreams for 2016?

Happy New Year!





Happy New Year! Musings on Resolutions

happynewyearDo you make resolutions?  Goals for the new year? Do you keep them? Is the new year a time of new beginnings for you or just another day in your journey of life?

I love a new beginnings or the start of things.  I love a new school year, I love a new year, I even love the daily new start I get every day when I wake up.

We take a trip every year right after Christmas and into the first week of January.  One really fun thing about the trip is that our kids and hubbies/boyfriends also come and we celebrate Christmas and New Year together.  Since we are spread out it is a real celebration when we all get together.  After they leave however the reflecting on the old year and the planning for the new year begins!



I know this picture may look ridiculous to you!  Understand though that I am a trained facilitator so flip charts, markers and post its are involved in all areas of my life!  Hubby and I have flip charts all over the basement, all year long!  We track what we want to be doing (fun stuff too!) and track what we really are doing.

Over our holiday trip we bring them all and review the previous year. It is SOOO fun!  It is amazing what you forget that you have done over the year.  The stuff around the house, the stuff at work, the stuff with the family and the fun stuff you have experienced.  This tracking and review helps us to really appreciate the previous year and helps us to see any challenges we encountered and the areas that we excelled in.  If you have not tried tracking your year, try doing it in some way- postits, notes in a jar, a journal, etc.  Anything that you can get to and review easily is wonderful.

Then the new year planning begins.  We each take a bit of time to reflect on our own goals for the year; then we share those and chat. We then create joint goals.  We look at all areas of our life– spiritual, family, home, work, friends, health, etc.  We create a sentence or two for each area that depicts how we want to feel in that area for the year.  It may be a sentence that is very goal oriented– “We want to do x” or it may be more intrinsic.  Then we add these to Evernote so we can check in during the year on them and then we pop a bottle of bubbly to toast our new year.  The process involves a few days but it is so great.  It gives us a chance to talk deep about stuff without being at home with the distractions.  Having a beach to take a break on doesn’t hurt either!

I am going to be sharing on some of my goals over the next weeks.  It will be good for me to get them out there and share my progress (or lack there of) as the year goes.

My first personal goal for 2014 is to “Be Debbie”.  I have some personal commandments I try to live by and this is number one on that list.  I decided to bump it up a notch and make it a goal this year. Unleashing my inner farmgirl this last year has helped me to discover “Debbie” again.  I want to continue unleashing my inner farmgirl and practice being the best “Debbie” that I can be.  Not just for others but for me too!

What about you?  Do you make resolutions?  Think that is a waste of time or is it helpful for you?  Any you would like to share?  I would love to hear how you are planning on unleashing something for yourself this year.

Happy New Year and Happy Unleashing!