Laundry Day

I have been making my own cleaning products and one of those is laundry detergent. The “recipe” is based on one from DIY Natural and is super easy.  After doing it one time, I can whip it up without reference to the recipe.  It cleans great and is CHEAP and is without all those toxins and artificial ingredients.

You may ask “what do you mean by cheap?” I mean it is .04/TBL and most loads only take 1 TBL; for really, really dirty outside garden clothes I use 2 TBL.  Compare that with an average of .21/load if you are buying a commercial brand.  AND when you are running low, you don’t have to wait until you hit the store; in 10 minutes you can refill your supply.  So are you ready? Here we go:

These are the ingredients; pretty simple and basic wouldn’t you way.  I get mine in bulk using either Sam’s or Amazon.  If you have better sources, let me know!


Step 1: Grate one bar of soap; I use Fels Naphtha but there are others.

Grated Soap

Step 2: add 1 C of washing soda and 1 C of baking soda.  Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil and mix.  I use Bergomot (citrus) oil.  It smells so good!  Then I take it for a quick spin in the food processor.  Some people use a dedicated food processor for this, but I do not.  I just wash it really well afterwards.

IMG_20130712_070918_835      IMG_20130712_071204_084

Now you are done!  Pour it into a cute jar with a tight fitting lid.  I use a canning jar:

Funnel and Pour     IMG_20130712_071258_263


1 C Baking Soda

1 C Washing Soda

1 bar of Fels Naptha soap

few drops of your favorite essential oil

Give it a try!  You will love it and love the idea that you made it yourself.