Birds, Bees, Gardens and the Dog

pretty treeWe (hubby, Jasmine and I) trekked out to the snow covered gardens, beehives and bird feeders today under blue skies. It is so beautiful and at the same time cold! Jasmine did not mind. Her favorite thing to do is to visit the bees and gardens. Her second favorite thing to do is to bark at all the birds on the feeders, so this was about the perfect afternoon geteaway for her! She led the way!

garden walk

to the garden

First the bees. It is waaaayyyy too cold to open the hive and check on them. But we did know that the snow had blown closed their opening. That is not good for their exiting for cleansing flights and it is not good for airflow so our first stop was there to open that up for them


Hives with Snow Blockage

Hive blocked


We got their entrance open. We also noticed dead bees in the snow. That however is not a distressing sign. I had a session leader at Bee School tell us that when he sees dead bees in the snow he rejoices because he knows there is life in the hive. A bee’s life cycle is short and seeing dead bees indicates that life is continuing on in the hive. Let’s hope so!

dead bees

Bee Hives Mar2015

Up to the gardens we went. It was so beautiful. I had to pinch myself to make sure that YES this is really where I live! Jasmine knows this route and again she was in the lead.

garden walk 2

Garden Walk

There’s one of my scarepeeps!

Ms Scarecrow

And another friend!

My Garden 2

The gardens under the snow appear peaceful and sleeping. I know there is much happening under that snow and deep in the soil however. Life continues!

Covered Over


buried garden

A view back at our lovely snow covered home.

View from Garden

Jasmine enjoying the snow and sunshine!

Tree and Jazz


We began to head back.

Garden and Dog

Next the bird feeders! Jasmine led the way.

Jazz and Birds

Feeding Birds

I love feeding the birds!

Bird Love

It was a wonderful walk and great to get outside and see how everything was faring under the blanket of white

It was time to head back in; Jasmine again led the way.

back home

Did you get to enjoy some beauty today where ever you are?


Dog and Cat Games

How many of you have a dog?  Lots of us do and we all get a kick out of our dog’s personalities and antics.  Since living in the country Jasmine has been unleashed at home and really “owns” the place.  She has a few acres to wonder in and stays mostly nearby but she does know that this is her territory.

However, there are some other neighborhood critters that also feel this is their territory. For those of you that live out in the country, you know that cats and pups wander freely and they have their own social system and way of communicating with one another.  For example, the pup next door is welcome over here.  She is a sweet dog and is really all of ours in the area.  We all know her and the other dogs know her as well.  But she knows that if Jasmine is on the porch she is not to be bothered.  Anywhere else is fair game, but the porch serves as Jasmine’s “time out” and she heads there when she doesn’t feel like playing any more. Macy respects that and would never cross that line. Somehow they have communicated that with one another.

One of my favorite Jasmine “relationships” to watch is the one she has with the cat.  Jasmine heads out several times a day, takes the highest perch on the deck and scans the territory for intruders.  By intruders I mean THE CAT!

Jasmine on the lookout

I wish I could capture on film what happens next, but it is too quick!  The bark is the first sign that the cat has appeared in the brush by the pond. That “enemy” cat is lurking and staring at Jasmine; you could honestly say TORMENTING HER and just daring her to “try to get me!”

Then the pounding of the paws down the stairs.  They are not graceful and more than once they have tried to move at a different pace than the rest of Jasmine and there are some tumbles.

Jasmine then darts straight towards the cat! Unfortunately that is not where the gate is on the deck.  Jasmine cannot seem to remember this.  She always darts towards the cat, runs into the railing and then recalls the gate is on the other side.  Cat just stares and you can tell she is thinking “you did that again didn’t you? not very smart are you?”

Jasmine turns around and goes to the open gate.  Cat is still staring, daring and tormenting!  Jasmine barks and barks and runs and runs!  If you have not seen this before you would bet money that this is going to be a vicious attack and that cat will be sorry! Cat seems to know different and she does not budge. BUT she give Jasmine the evil eye and doesn’t let up on her stare.

Jasmine stops dead in her tracks every single time about 5 feet from the cat.  She gives one last little bark that says “I told you! There is a DOG here and you better watch it!”.  Cat still stares with her evil eye and doesn’t budge.  Jasmine then turns around, looks at me and the house and walks back to the deck very proudly after her defending of it.  She knows that I am so thankful to have a watch dog that will keep the cats at bay.  She struts back very cocky and is pleased as punch at herself.

She traipses back to the office and plops down to rest after her horrendous (and heroic) affair.

Jasmine laying

She dreams of chasing (and catching cats) and waits til next time when she can once again prove to all that she is diva of this land!

Happy Unleashing today!