Happy New Year! Musings on Resolutions

happynewyearDo you make resolutions?  Goals for the new year? Do you keep them? Is the new year a time of new beginnings for you or just another day in your journey of life?

I love a new beginnings or the start of things.  I love a new school year, I love a new year, I even love the daily new start I get every day when I wake up.

We take a trip every year right after Christmas and into the first week of January.  One really fun thing about the trip is that our kids and hubbies/boyfriends also come and we celebrate Christmas and New Year together.  Since we are spread out it is a real celebration when we all get together.  After they leave however the reflecting on the old year and the planning for the new year begins!



I know this picture may look ridiculous to you!  Understand though that I am a trained facilitator so flip charts, markers and post its are involved in all areas of my life!  Hubby and I have flip charts all over the basement, all year long!  We track what we want to be doing (fun stuff too!) and track what we really are doing.

Over our holiday trip we bring them all and review the previous year. It is SOOO fun!  It is amazing what you forget that you have done over the year.  The stuff around the house, the stuff at work, the stuff with the family and the fun stuff you have experienced.  This tracking and review helps us to really appreciate the previous year and helps us to see any challenges we encountered and the areas that we excelled in.  If you have not tried tracking your year, try doing it in some way- postits, notes in a jar, a journal, etc.  Anything that you can get to and review easily is wonderful.

Then the new year planning begins.  We each take a bit of time to reflect on our own goals for the year; then we share those and chat. We then create joint goals.  We look at all areas of our life– spiritual, family, home, work, friends, health, etc.  We create a sentence or two for each area that depicts how we want to feel in that area for the year.  It may be a sentence that is very goal oriented– “We want to do x” or it may be more intrinsic.  Then we add these to Evernote so we can check in during the year on them and then we pop a bottle of bubbly to toast our new year.  The process involves a few days but it is so great.  It gives us a chance to talk deep about stuff without being at home with the distractions.  Having a beach to take a break on doesn’t hurt either!

I am going to be sharing on some of my goals over the next weeks.  It will be good for me to get them out there and share my progress (or lack there of) as the year goes.

My first personal goal for 2014 is to “Be Debbie”.  I have some personal commandments I try to live by and this is number one on that list.  I decided to bump it up a notch and make it a goal this year. Unleashing my inner farmgirl this last year has helped me to discover “Debbie” again.  I want to continue unleashing my inner farmgirl and practice being the best “Debbie” that I can be.  Not just for others but for me too!

What about you?  Do you make resolutions?  Think that is a waste of time or is it helpful for you?  Any you would like to share?  I would love to hear how you are planning on unleashing something for yourself this year.

Happy New Year and Happy Unleashing!



Fall Intentions

I am participating in an online coaching session with Homespun Living (Katie).  Today was the first in the series.  The objective is to set seasonal homespun intentions for the upcoming season.  I am typically a really, really good list maker, project participant and human”doing”.  BUT I struggle with more intrinsic  and relational goals and intentions;  and when I set them they have a tendency to take the back burner.

So with heartfelt sincerity, I decided to really focus on the “feeling” of fall, the feeling I wanted to have during fall and although I still have my post notes, flip charts and to do list, I want this to be more of a touchy/feely kind of intention board.  I decided to use collage to help my right brain out and this is what I have come up with :


First you may notice all the white space—intentional intention :).  I typically do not leave enough white space or openness in my life or schedule, so NOT filling the collage up with stuff represents me not filling up every space of my life with something.

The red barn at the top represents everything “Farmgirl-Unleashed” related.  My blog and what I learn from her everyday. 

The “Love” banner over the couch with blankets and pillows = hubby and me time, coziness, and just being. 

Johnny’s and the garden type pics = taking time to read, plan, do and dream about my gardens and providing more of our own food.

Pumpkins, rakes, boots, fall festival = harvest to me and fun stuff that goes with fall and cooler weather

Kitchen = new kitchen in the works

Tea = relax, enjoy, pause

Yoga girl = relax and think; feel centered in my values

Smiling girl = enjoyment

Dracula = go to this!  We never have and are going to go this fall!

Cheese and Table = friends over for sharing and talking and toasting

Sewing girl = time in my craft room to craft and journal

Big dinner table = family time; all my girls are visiting in November 🙂

Two girls = girl friend time

Leaves/Bikes/Picnic/Walking = time with hubby watching and enjoying the leaves change colors, enjoy living in a place with true 4 seasons and biking and hiking in the midst of it.

Do you set intentions for the season or have a bucket list of seasonal events?  How do you insure that you include fun and stillness and being present in the moment in the midst of all you do?