Kicking Off Derby Week!

Whether you are a horse race fan or not you can hardly miss when The Kentucky Derby rolls around. Living in Southern Indiana (Kentuckiana as the area is known by) makes this time of year all the more special and it is impossible to resist getting in on the festivities!

The Delta Queen is rolling on the Ohio River…


And Thursday (yesterday) the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) kicked off on the riverfront. It is very “fair like” with all the best of food. You know, Italian Sausage, Fries, Gyros, Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes…well you get the drill. But the neatest part of opening night is GLIMMER. Associated with the Derby Festivities is The Great American Balloon Race, and on Thursday night, the balloons visit on the riverfront and give a light filled “glimmer” along the river. Isn’t it pretty?




Friday morning at Bowman Field in Louisville, the balloons fire up and take off. It is so lovely to head out at dark, watch the sunrise, and take in the beauty.

balloons sunrise1

balloons sunrise 2

balloons sunrise 3

balloons sunrise 4

The “Hare Balloon” is first to fill up, rise up and take off. Today’s Hare balloon is US Bank.



The other balloons and begin to fill up.





There are so many balloons and they are all so unique and pretty. Here are a few. Wicked is my favorite every year!




The order is orchestrated by an KDF Official. This is not the race, so it is awesome to watch each balloon fill up and drift up into the blue skies. This morning was a perfect morning as the winds were minimal and the sun was warming up the earth and melting the frost that had covered everything last night.




If you would like to see some short videos I shot, click on the links below:

You may be asking “So this was a Derby Kickoff post and there are no horses????”…. they will be coming!

Happy Unleashing!