Tomatoes are Rocking! (early)

Previously I shared with you that I changed up a couple things this year with my green babies (who doesn’t like to experiment right?).

Hubby built a beautiful (and very functional) grown shelf-


I bought a system of trays that are sturdy, domed (until sprouting) and bottom waterers-


Well my little green babies popped up in a matter of 48 hours! They have been going strong, strong, strong.


The addition of cinnamon has seriously stomped out the ground gnats and damping off. And I have been adding a bit of fish emulsion to the water every other week. That does make for some interesting smells in the basement. 🙂

The broccoli and cabbages got planted about 1 week ago. Perfect timing for them.


The first tomato plants that I started have been jumping out of their pots. You can see that I have already transplanted many to 4″ pots.


You can also see these are strong stems that have many leaves. Below are blossoms.


We are in 6a so it is too soon for me to put them in the garden. I do not tempt fate out there and my last frost date is still 2 1/2 weeks away. I typically wait a week or so after that before planting so I don’t get any surprises.

BUT I could not resist grabbing a couple of these guys and putting them in large pots on the deck. I can bring them in if the weather does snap. It was so exciting to see them outside in these large pots.


Then it stormed… I mean wind and hard, hard rain, multiple times last evening and overnight. It was so bad that Jasmine our pup slept on the floor in our room. She was a nervous, pacing doggie.

But my over-sized (I mean that in a good way) green babies weathered (ha ha) the storm and were looking good this morning!


I planted some herb and flower seeds in pots yesterday too. I hope they did not wash or splash away. Only time will tell me their fate. But for my tomato teenagers, they seem to be A-OK!

Are you jumping the gun on planting anything? It is hard to resist isn’t it?

Happy Unleashing!