Yesterday, after work, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and cleaned up a couple of rows in my garden and planted! Yipee!

Here is my first row of brassicas- these are three types of broccoli. They are so cute.IMG_20160420_184354751 I also left a couple of clumps of clover in the row. AND there were so many worms! They made me so happy as I have never seen so many in my soil. Good sign that our soil is getting better and better!

OK CONFESSION— it is not my first row of brassicas. It is my 2nd first row. 🙂 My “real” first planting of brassicas were totally eaten while we were on vacation. I am not talking a cabbage worm here– there was NO evidence at all when we got back that I had planted anything. The ground was bare. There is a fat little bunny running around nearby….

These little green babies are inside a fenced garden now, so perhaps they will have a chance at growing. Next up are the cabbage green babies.

What are you growing???

Happy Unleashing in the Garden!