Old Boots to New Purse!

Last Christmas hubby got me new boots. My cowgirl boots were, well let’s say, well used! They were not comfy anymore and I was definitely in need of some new ones! I was thrilled to get a new pair.

I had suggested a few times that we toss my old ones; they were too rough to donate and not up for wear any more. But every time hubby went to take our trash, the boots remained. Several weeks later they disappeared and I assumed they were in boot heaven.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day. I unknowingly was opening a big surprise inside a present from hubby at my daughter’s house.

Imagine my shock and happiness as I opened the box and saw a beautiful purse and then realized that I was looking at my boots!

I kept saying how can this be? How did you do this? These are my boots!

Turns out he had been working with the lovely ladies at Stagecoach Bags.  Hubby contacted them (Vicki, Debra and Gayle) after seeing an ad in MaryJanesFarm Magazine. He had rescued the boots from the trash bin and sent them to their workshop that they lovingly call the “Spa.”  My old boots entered their “Boot Camp.”

They cut and condition all the leather. They send options for inside fabric and accents.

They then create a name for the bag and create an authenticity card for a keepsake.

Hubby loved working with this company. Their tagline is “Our Booots Have a New Way of Walkin'” They love doing what they do and it shows!

Look at the final product!!

Please check out their website and consider a gift for you or someone close in the future from them. The purse is gorgeous but so special because of its history. That makes it an heirloom! I get compliments on it where ever I go.

Thank you Hubby, Vicki, Debra and Gayle!

Happy Unleashing those old boots!


With My Cowgirl Boots On!

Cowgirl BootsHave you ever heard the song “With My High Heels On” by Robin Meade?  It is an awesome song about a woman getting up and prepping for work and how she is transformed with her high heels on.  Love the lyrics and the tune.

Since leaving corporate and the big city I have replaced my high heels for cowgirl boots.  A few years ago I would have never even considered window shopping for cowgirl boots and certainly could have never seen myself in them. But, I got my first pair when we first moved in, then got a pair for dress up and then got another pair this spring that would be designated the work boots.  And I must confess that I LOVE THEM!

Like so many things we wear we are transformed or feel different in that particular item than without.  Women who are getting married and planning their wedding night get sexy lingerie, put on yoga pants and you suddenly feel like you must be more flexible and calm, put on that apron and you are a chef, put on biking gear and you could conquer a race!

When I put my boots on, crazy transformations happen.  Like my jean feel different– all of a sudden they become one with me and the boots and we are ready to work and get dirty.  With my boots on I am not thinking “do these jeans make my butt look fat” but I am thinking “what job do we have to tackle together”.

With my boots on, I don’t scream when I see a bug.  I noticed this a few days ago; with my boots on and outside I am squishing bugs between my fingers to save a cucumber, picking off caterpillars from my tomatoes, fighting squash bugs without hesitation and picking up vines where they might be hiding and yelling “GOTCHA!” while I douse them with red pepper spray that I have concocted.  But I walk in the house, leave my muddy boots at the door and throw my wet, dirty jeans in the washer, walk up stairs and scream for my hubby because I see a spider.

With my boots on I can hop in the bed of my truck and shovel out compost. Without my boots I need a step stool to get in the bed of the truck.

With my boots on I can ride my tractor and operate the scoop. Without them I forget which way is up and down and right and left.

My boots and I have clearly bonded and I don’t know how I would ever live without them.  Well, I guess I could live without them, but I would definitely be screaming for help with the bugs, would need assistance on the tractor and would not be able to get anything out of the bed of my truck and a plethora of other things that I can only do in my boots.

So my song would go something like:

Got up this morning before sunrise

Wiped the sleep from my eyes and made plans for the day

Drank some keifer and grabbed a power bar

Snagged the keys to my orange Kabota to hop on.

Then I put my Cowgirl Boots on! Watch out world, here I come!

What do you wear that transforms you????