Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #208 and Happy Halloween!

apronFall is official with the coming of Halloween and turning back of the clocks this weekend. I will once again be tempted daily to put the jammies on at 5pm as the darkness approaches. Does the early darkness get to you too?

Deb’s been busy with company and viewing the most incredible fall landscapes out east. Be sure to stop by to see her pretty pictures.

We have been busy trying to extend our season (since it has been a slow one) and we are now reaping our summer harvest and canning in our kitchen that is really torn up. 

Looking outside today it truly looks like a fall day – clouds in the air, some trees still with colors and others have now dropped their leaves. I can tell that November is approaching. I truly love this time of year!


Since the house is in remodel mode, my interior fall decor is not out, but I have added a couple fun things to look at right outside.



I must try the canning the Seasoned Tomato sauce from Grow a Good Life that was shared last week. I still have ALOT of tomatoes this will get added to the repertoire.

And I am always a sucker for Mac and Cheese so I MUST try the Mac and Cheese with a kick. Thanks to My Maple Hill Farm for sharing. 

What are you up to? Halloween activities this weekend with family? Fall sightseeing like Deb? Stop by and share. We love reading!

Canning While Remodeling

Our kitchen is in major disarray. No cabinets remain except the one that is holding up the sink. No cabinets mean no counters. The stove gets moved around on a daily basis, so it could be anywhere at any given time.

With the garden slow to produce this summer I have not had to figure out how to preserve and can food. That was a little blessing in disguise, but as I shared recently, we did all that we could to extend our season and the fruits of our bounty are now here and awaiting attention.

With the assistance of a couple carts on wheels from the basement I put together a nice area to can in.




The long cart is actually longer than my previous counter so I had an added luxury here of space. After I set up everything, I was on a roll.

First came the whole tomatoes. This is just the first round of many to come and it felt so good to be canning after a long summer’s wait. I love the clickity clack of the canner as it comes and stays on a boil.



I am not sure if it is the late harvest or what the cause, but the tomatoes peeled beautifully this year. Better than years past. Blanching and ice water is my typical process (sometimes I roast them), but the skins literally slid off for me making the process fast. Before I knew it I was done smashing whole tomatoes into jars and they were hanging out in the canner.


Seven pints came out looking good.


With that under my belt and my rolling carts working so well, I decided to tackle the tomatillos. We have already had several harvests of these. For those of you that grow these you know that quantity is never an issue! They are pretty prolific. Previously I roasted them with jalapenos and garlic, pureed with some cilantro and we ate it right away and then froze a bunch too. With the canner hot and ready I decided to can this round of them. I still roasted the jalapenos, but not the tomatillos.



I simmered onions, jalenpenos, tomatillos, red peppers and lots of seasonings. And I mean lots– I thought the cumin said TBL when it actually said tsp in the recipe. Good thing we like it!


It turned out beautifully- I got 8 1/2 pints and 1 full pint. It smelled so fantastic. I can’t wait to dump some on top of a burrito or quesadilla or eggs.


I still had a little time left and the canner was still hot and available. I made some terrific chunky Italian tomato sauce and threw it in as well. That produced 7 jars as well I still have a ways to go on the preserving, but I made a good dent! I froze some peppers and put the basil in the dehydrator. All in all and great day! Since my pantry is a bit cluttered right now, I cooled my jars on my currently empty shelves in the dining room area.


The day gave me hope that even with a kitchen torn up I could figure out how to do this. When our contractor came last night he asked me if it was ok to work. He said his mom did not like movement in the house on canning days. 🙂

Do you like canning? Freezing? Just eating it fresh?

Happy Unleashing!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #206


Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I cannot believe it is September! We are in 90 degree weather to which I say “whew!” and “yipee”. Yipee is because my 80 tomato plants need some more hot weather!! So bring it on.

The basil also loves it hot and I am busy making and freezing pesto this week. I adore basil and to have pesto in the winter is so amazing. I wish you could smell the garlic and basil…


We are also busy putting in our cold frames and low tunnels.




Deb is up to her eyeballs in blooms! And they are so pretty. She has a sample of a bridal bouquet up on her blog. Please stop by, look at the pretty colors and say hi. She is turned into a real Flower Farmer this summer!!!

I am sure your kitchen smells as good as mine (although maybe not so messy as we are in a DYI remodel). How are your gardens? Do you garden for fall or are you over it! 🙂

It is time to blog hop! Share what you are up to and HAPPY LABOR DAY!!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #204


Welcome to another Friday and another Farmgirl Blog Hop! Deb has been busy wearing her new hat as a flower farmer. She has been growing beautiful blooms and bouquets (as always) but now is spending time selling her wares at the farmer’s market. How exciting is that? Be sure to stop by Dandelion House to see her great pictures and to catch up with her.

We have been busy with a kitchen remodel and garden rescuing! Read about our garden adventures and our optimism for the fall garden!


I am absolutely positive that Deb and I aren’t the only ones busy this summer. Let’s all take a breather and share for a bit about what is happening and what you are up to!

Let’s get this blog hop going!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #202

Welcome to Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #202 AND Happy 4th of July!

This photograph from Deb’s blog today was so beautiful that I just had to “steal” it and share it.  It really screams out celebration doesn’t it?

We are visiting our youngest for the holiday. We will be swimming, eating, watching fireworks and probably competing in a mean game of putt putt. What are your plans?

If you love flowers Deb has some great information on American Flower Week and how you can participate. I wish I had a green thumb in that regard, but maybe that is something in my future!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and a chance to reflect on the freedoms we have in our great country. I also hope you have a little bit of time to blog hop with us!

Brag a bit on what’s happening your way. I learn so much every week just reading these. I have so much yet to experience!!! Thanks for joining in and be sure to stop by Deb’s and Dandelion House!

Let’s get hopping!!


200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop Anniversary AND Giveaway!


WOW! 200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Some of you have been here since hop #1 and some (like me) joined in sometime between then and now. Whenever you started hopping with us, we are just glad you did!

Every week we have such an array of great blogs, tips, fun and creativity. Deb and I love reading them and feeling connected to you all.

Hop over to Deb’s to see where her inspiration came from for our blog hop (I am sure many of you can guess it is MaryJane Butters). She inspired Deb to start our blog hop.

A little known fact is that when we decided to move to the country the very first magazine I bought was a MaryJanesFarm Magazine. I had never heard of this magazine in the “city” but I ate it up–every page and have been a loyal reader and part of the Farmgirl Sisterhood ever since.

So it only makes sense that on this, our 200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop that Deb and I are giving away TWO 1 year subscriptions to MaryJanesFarm Magazine!

Do I hear a YIPEE??

We know ya’ll are busy, busy, busy!  It is summer time right??? So, simply leave a comment on my blog and Deb’s and finish the statement

“You might be a farmgirl if…..”

I can’t wait to see how ya’ll finish that one. For me it would be “You might be a farmgirl if you have more dirt under your nails than polish on top.”

What about you? Visit Deb and I and leave your antic! Good Luck!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #199

apronWelcome to the 199th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Can you believe that we are about to hit 200????

Deb and I have a surprise for you on #200!

Deb has been harvesting rhubarb and she has a fabulous pie recipe (and beautiful picture) that she is sharing. Stop over and say hi and take a peak!

We have been playing in the bee yard and have added some more bees. 🙂


What have you been up to this week?  Come on and share your doin’s!

Let’s hop!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #198


Yipee! It is Farmgirl Friday and I am back! I have not blogged for a couple of weeks. Lots happening and travel. We got back Wednesday night and I am getting back in my homestead groove.

I will be out with the green babies and gardens this evening and over the weekend. I will take some pictures and put up an update; some of you have inquired as to what is going on with those precious green babies! They are doing well for the most part. All of my eggplant got eaten while we were gone, but everyone else is happily growing. The potatoes are going to take us over if we are not careful…

Deb has a new Wednesday blog “Wednesday Garden Notes with Deb” This week is all about direct sowing annuals. Perfect timing for me as we just ordered some zinnia seeds and other pretty things to plant. I am a sucker for seeds and seed catalogs! Deb is also going to try succession planting this year with her flowers; I am doing the same with my veggies. We will have to compare notes.

So, I am ready to see what everyone is up to. I feel a little disconnected and there is nothing like Farmgirl Friday to connect in again!

Let’s get hopping! Stop by Deb’s and say “hi!” Thank you for joining in!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #196 & Happy Mother’s Day!


Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #196 AND Happy Mother’s Day!

This weekend celebrates all things motherhood. Along with the scrapes, bruises, messes and frustrations that are a part of being a mom, the hugs, kisses and love outweighs all and we would not trade it for the world.

I hope this weekend brings to mind all things that celebrate motherhood. Care, nurture, love, protection all display motherhood. Whether you are a nurse caring for all, in the military protecting your country and citizens, a gardener raising green babies, an animal lover, a caring neighbor or a thousand other roles we all play out, you all depict traits associated with motherhood everyday. I hope during this weekend you celebrate all things motherhood and wish for you a glorious celebration with those you love.

Happy Mother’s Day from Deb and I!

Hope you have a bit of time to join in the hop!!!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #195


Welcome back to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop. Deb and I have been busy, busy and I KNOW all of you have been too. Spring is such a favorite time of year and it is full of all kinds of fun things to experience and do.

Deb has finally thawed and her raised beds are cleaned up and ready for action! Visit here and take a peak. They are gorgeous!

I have had so much fun in my garden this week. The ground finally got to workable condition and bed #1 is sown!



I will be sharing details next week on this.

Since we are in southern Indiana another major focus is Derby. We have been having some Derby fun ourselves. Check out the balloon race, Dawn at the Downs and Thurby.

What have you been up to? I know each of you is up to your own farmgirl fun! We are glad you are here and anxious to see your talents shared.

Don’t forget to visit Deb and take a peak at her wonderful flower beds!

Let’s get hopping!