Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #185

apronHowdy and welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I look forward to this every week! How about you?

Many of you have snow and are making the best of it! Like Lori at LL Farm who is making Snow Ice Cream and shared how last week on the hop!

Reading and imagining the yumminess has me wishing for snow!

So let’s get hopping! Brag a bit on yourself and your doings over at your home. It is such a fun way to share!

Be sure to stop by Deb’s at Dandelion House and say hi! We are planning some nifty giveaways for 2015!! So keep checking in.

Have a great week and thanks for joining us today!

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Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #180 and A Little Giveaway from Santa Claus!


Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

I found the cutest little cowgirl boot ornament in Santa Claus, Indiana last weekend and have been running a little giveaway this week for it.


It’s not too late to enter; as a matter of fact I want all of our farmgirl sisters to have a chance to have this cutie pie on your tree! So read here about Santa Claus Indiana and how to enter to win! 

Deb has spent her morning catching up on all the postings from last week. Be sure to stop by and give her a big ol’ howdy today!

And as Deb said on her post, we are both so grateful for all of the sharing each of you do each week here.  We love seeing all that you do and all the incredible talent you have.

And I quote Deb here, “FARMGIRLS ROCK!

Have a wonderful day and week!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #178


Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I know it was yesterday, but we are still celebrating and visiting. We will have a 2nd round of dinner tonight and I can’t wait. I love the leftovers and spending time with family. An added bonus is that much of our food came from our garden this year. For me that made everything taste better! Celebrating with the kids and our first grandson was (and is) glorious!

Deb has been busy this week moving her mom in and decluttering on top of celebrating Thanksgiving! Oh that word… I love the feeling after decluttering but can procrastinate that one pretty successfully. We try to declutter an area, drawer, cabinet or something for 30 minutes a couple times a week. We have much still to go through since our move and although this does not get it done quickly it does move it forward. How about you? How do you do all the stuff you normally do and still find time to declutter those areas that just seem to hold onto things?

I am thoroughly enjoying fall. I am playing around with low tunnels and cold frames outside. Hopefully we will reap a harvest from those efforts.


What about you? How was your Thanksgiving? Are you making gifts for the holiday? Do you bake lots of cookies and yummies? So glad you are spending part of your day with us. Please share what you are up to!apron

Be sure to stop by Deb’s and see who won the giveaway and say hello! Thanks for joining us!



Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #177 & A Giveaway!


Happy Farmgirl Friday! Deb has an AWESOME giveaway of her beautiful Christmas Coop Cards! How fun is that??? The images are so inviting; they make me want to jump through the image and look at that hen house in the snow in person. Take a look and enter to win!

My excitement is endless this week! We have finished a glorious two week vacation.


We were home for a few days and my daughter and her family came for a visit with that adorable grandson of mine. We visited my parents and introduced them to their first great grandson. That was a moving moment that was priceless!


AND I MADE CHEESE! How about that? Read about my fun time with Laura here.


What’s going on in your world?  Link up and share with all of us. AND don’t forget to enter to win! It is so good to be back in the saddle and blogging and sharing. Can’t wait to see what you are doing!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #176- BOO!


Happy Halloween! I have been traveling on vacation, so my house is not decorated much this year at all.  I have my scarecrows up and out, but our pumpkins were still in our field when we left not quite ready to be picked yet. We are hoping that a freeze doesn’t get them tonight; we will be home this weekend to check on them.

Daisy from Maple Hill 101 was on the ball! She’s got things looking mighty festive over at her place! In fact, she’s GONE BATTY if you ask Deb and me. If you’re still prepping for tonight’s festivities, take a peek at the neat project she found for making black bats to decorate with! Looks simple and super fun! They make me want to me home and make some to hang!

I did have fun making this costume for our first grandbaby and got the pic this morning. It makes me so happy to see this cutie pie in the costume that Mimi made for him!

arlo bee

What are you up to for All Hallow’s Eve?  Do you get trick or treaters or live too far remote? Do you decorate? Make ghoulish food?For me and hubby, we are going to enjoy the last of my trip watch it snow (yes it is)!

Stop by Deb’s to get up to date on her remodel and why she and Mr. Dandelion are hiding out tonight!

Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart –  MaryJane Butters!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #173



Happy Friday and welcome to Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Is it just me or is everyone busy at home right now? Planting for fall, canning up summer, making a Halloween costume for my first grandson, remodeling, school and well you know that thing called a job that keeps me busy! I have to say I love it and am grateful for all the happenings, but am dreaming of VACATION… we are headed out a week from Sunday to peruse upper Michigan. It will be a week of fall leaves, apples and rest.  So, my list is long before my release to the road with hubby, but all of the chores are enjoyable. What are you up to?

Speaking of busy, Deb as been really busy over at Dandelion House. They are laying floors and redoing furniture and all kinds of things! Be sure to go over, visit and say howdy!

I loved seeing “Eggs in the Basket” last week on the hop! I have made many of these–we called them “Birds in the Nest”, but no matter what the name is they are great! The girls LOVED them growing up. I think I may have to revisit these this weekend.

Egg-in-the-Basket ~A Cheery Breakfast, photos, sunrise, sunset, waking up, a new day, quick meal, planning, sleepyheads, pastured eggs, sprouted grain bread, Ezekiel Bread, prayer at mealtime, Food For Life, asking the blessing, saying grace, Good Morning!, frittata, omelet, cast iron skillet, cleaning, cast iron,


Thanks for visiting and sharing. I love this part of Fridays. Don’t forget to stop by Deb’s… she cleared the paint out of her nails to feature Robin of Redo It Yourself Inspirations. and she really is an inspiration

“Farmgirl is a condition of the heart!” (MaryJane Butters)


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #173

apronWelcome to you and welcome to fall! We woke to 39 degrees this morning. Fall is here and I am almost there! We are busily closing out summer gardens and have started planting our fall garden and our plants that will winter over in low tunnels for spring.



We are so glad you have stopped by. Deb has highlighted a primo farmgirl on our hop this week…Carole of GardenUpGreen. 

As Deb says:

She’s got a can-do attitude the size of Texas where she pens her blog, builds garden projects  ( large and small ) such as raised garden beds, garden fences, chicken coops and greenhouses! As if that isn’t enough farmgirl talent, she also she raises backyard chickens, quail, and the heritage sheep breed, Jacobs.

This week she shares an inspiring story on her blog titled, ” The Art of Wool”  about her talented and determined daughter and how she took the leap from creating wool scarves and immersed herself in sheering, cleaning, spinning and crocheting one large wool blanket! It’s a delightful story. I know you’ll love it. And, I know you’ll love Carole, and her informative and inspiring blog.
Be sure to go on over and give her a friendly, farmgirl howdy!
I, for one, find this amazing! I mean I sew, but I go the fabric store to get my fabric. Carole creates her own medium with wool.  That is totally FARMGIRL COOL!

Now it’s time to link up for your weekly dose of farmgirl soul food! You’re sure to get your fill this week. Lots of our farmgirls have been busy in the kitchen canning, preserving, roasting, and filling their pantries with farm fresh goodness.Be sure to stop by Deb’s Dandelion house to  catch up with her and all her creations. She has been bursting with color!

You can leave up to three posts here. Be sure to check out what your farmgirl friends are doing too!
As always, thanks for joining and sharing!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #172 and a WINNER!


Happy Fall! My calendar tells me it is fall, but this week finds me still in the middle of my summer harvest.  I am NOT complaining about that. I am thrilled to still be gathering veggies and to have the challenge to use it and preserve it all! Fall gardens will go in over the next week, but I will certainly be overlapping the gardens I am working on for the next couple weeks.

AND WE HAVE A WINNER from last week’s contest.  Remember the great wall art from Sarah Hudock of Lighthearted Art? Well our lucky winner is June McConkey of the adorable blog The Heart of Junebug! Thank you to everyone who entered! We had 30 entries total.

Be sure to visit Sarah and thank her for the giveaway. While you are there take a look at the colorful, whimsical artwork that is available.

Time to link up your weekly fix of farmgirl soul! We have all been so busy with seasons overlapping. I can’t wait to see what you have been up to.

Be sure to visit Deb over at Dandelion HouseShe is always up to something colorful!

Thank you for joining us!

AND thanks for your understanding in our lack of thumbnails this week. Sometimes you get so excited you just miss a final checkbox!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #171 & a Giveaway!

Hello to all and welcome. Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop seems to always be a little more exciting when there is a giveaway! Wouldn’t you agree?? Deb and I really love the wonderful artwork of Sarah Hudock of Lighthearted Art. AND Sarah is also a farmgirl sister! She is obviously talented, but also is a chicken keeper, gardener and more.

Her artwork is hand-painted in watercolor, gouache, and sometimes acrylic paint, and she loves to digitally play with her work as well. Her paintings are sometimes wholly hand-painted, and sometimes done with a combination of digital effects and scans of odd materials she finds visually interesting. She’s a girl living her dream, sharing her HEART and her ART with the world and us!  ” I am the luckiest person in the world “, says Sarah.

This week,Sarah is generously giving away one of her darling tin signs, titled:  Blessings ( see top photo ) This sign is beautiful enough to hang inside your home and yet durable enough to weather the elements and hang outdoors on your chicken coop or next to your front door. Sign measures 11.25″ x 11.25″. The corners are rounded and holes are already drilled for easy hanging.

See Deb’s blog this week for more on Sarah and also keep you eyes open for an article in MaryJanesFarm Magazine where we will learn more about here. And visit Sarah’s website to see more of her whimsical chicken art.

Do you want to know how to enter? It is easy:

1. Simply leave a comment here on my blog or over at Dandelion House.

2. Head over to Sarah’s Facebook page and give her a new like.

I know you will enter this contest right away.  When you are done, don’t forget to come back for Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!


We would love to see what you are up to this week. Visit Deb also over at Dandelion House. I never tire at looking at her gorgeous photos-right now so many of colorful blooms! While Deb has been making eye popping with color bouquets, I have been bringing in the harvest and have been sharing lots of photos and recipes. So stop by and say hi to both of us!

What are you up to farmgirl??? Share on our hop so we can be inspired. We thank you for joining in!

Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart- MaryJane Butters

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #170


Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I am nothing but a “red head” this week– a little pun meaning that I have only tomatoes on my brain! They are everywhere and I am so excited. A weekend of canning starts today.IMG_20140903_111032462

I am learning continually about gardening and I make a lot of mistakes along the way.  The biggest lesson I am learning however is that my garden is forgiving. If I miss something, they just keep at it. They don’t hold a grudge when I neglect them due to travel or work for a few days. Just like our dog, they are welcoming and show me much in the way of growth and color and even smiles when I return. I may have messes to clean up along the way, but they continue to show me love. Check out my post on the harvest I received this week after a week of beating myself up over my absence in the garden.

I cannot let this week’s hop go by without acknowledging our farmgirl sister Heidi’s pain in loosing her beloved doe Lily last week. So many of us were on the journey with her in “cyberspace” and felt and shared her pain. Our sisterhood is really remarkable that way. We share highs with each other here, but also the lows and challenges. Let’s continue to send Heidi hugs across the miles and also share those hugs with others that need them.

What about you? What are you up to this week? This life is a continual set of lessons learned. What are you learning this week?

OK let’s get hopping and sharing! Be sure to visit Deb too over at Dandelion House!! They are celebrating a birthday this week at her house (and such cute pictures of the birthday boy!)

Thanks for joining us and sharing.