Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #199

apronWelcome to the 199th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Can you believe that we are about to hit 200????

Deb and I have a surprise for you on #200!

Deb has been harvesting rhubarb and she has a fabulous pie recipe (and beautiful picture) that she is sharing. Stop over and say hi and take a peak!

We have been playing in the bee yard and have added some more bees. ūüôā


What have you been up to this week? ¬†Come on and share your doin’s!

Let’s hop!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #198


Yipee! It is Farmgirl Friday and I am back! I have not blogged for a couple of weeks. Lots happening and travel. We got back Wednesday night and I am getting back in my homestead groove.

I will be out with the green babies and gardens this evening and over the weekend. I will take some pictures and put up an update; some of you have inquired as to what is going on with those precious green babies! They are doing well for the most part. All of my eggplant got eaten while we were gone, but everyone else is happily growing. The potatoes are going to take us over if we are not careful…

Deb has a new Wednesday blog “Wednesday Garden Notes with Deb”¬†This week is all about direct sowing annuals. Perfect timing for me as we just ordered some zinnia seeds and other pretty things to plant. I am a sucker for seeds and seed catalogs! Deb is also going to try succession planting this year with her flowers; I am doing the same with my veggies. We will have to compare notes.

So, I am ready to see what everyone is up to. I feel a little disconnected and there is nothing like Farmgirl Friday to connect in again!

Let’s get hopping! Stop by Deb’s and say “hi!” Thank you for joining in!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #196 & Happy Mother’s Day!


Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #196 AND Happy Mother’s Day!

This weekend celebrates all things motherhood. Along with the scrapes, bruises, messes and frustrations that are a part of being a mom, the hugs, kisses and love outweighs all and we would not trade it for the world.

I hope this weekend brings to mind all things that celebrate motherhood. Care, nurture, love, protection all display motherhood. Whether you are a nurse caring for all, in the military protecting your country and citizens, a gardener raising green babies, an animal lover, a caring neighbor or a thousand other roles we all play out, you all depict traits associated with motherhood everyday. I hope during this weekend you celebrate all things motherhood and wish for you a glorious celebration with those you love.

Happy Mother’s Day from Deb and I!

Hope you have a bit of time to join in the hop!!!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #194

apronWelcome! April’s weather sure is bringing us a little bit of everything! Whether you are hot or cold, stormy or calm we are glad you are here.

It is amazing how much stuff we share here! Crafts and food and farm life… If you are ever searching for a yummy new recipe check out our Farmgirl Friday Kitchen Pinterest Board. You’ll find over over 400 down home recipes! You’re sure to find something deliciously homemade!!

Another useful resource is the April Meal Plan that Sunnybrook Farm shared last week. WOW the entire month just laid out for you! How easy is that?

I am having “Mimi fun” spending time with my little grandson this week. An added bonus is seeing all of my daughters on this trip and also dog sitting for my oldest who is in Grand Cayman Island! Yep, her hubby won the trip at work for being the “MVP” of 2014. How cool is that?

So let’s get hopping and see what you are up to. Have a great Friday and weekend!

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #193

apronHappy Farmgirl Friday and Happy Easter (and Passover to those that celebrate!).

Mom and dad are visiting this weekend and we will have grilling weather according to the forecast. I will be mixing traditional fare–asparagus, green beans and potatoes with non traditional Easter fare– cedar planked salmon on the grill. Hubby is making an apple pie. YUMMY! I cannot wait!

Are you busy planning your menu? Do you go casual, formal or eat out and let someone else do the cooking?

Deb has shared today a delicious looking quiche recipe today. I still remember her egg and onion quiche recipe that I made and was oh so good, so I am CERTAIN that this one will not disappoint.

We are glad you are here. Stop by Deb’s and say hello. We look forward to seeing what you share (as always!)

Farmgirl is a condition of the heart–MaryJaneButters

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #190


Welcome to Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop. Can you believe it is #190? When I typed that number I was blown away.

I was so inspired last week by the great blog that was shared by Unfettered Fox on Nasturtiums!¬†Besides the gorgeous pictures that made me dream of warm days and color, she had GREAT information on all the wonderfulness of Nasturtiums. From their beauty, to their role as a trap plant and their edibleness. It made me want to plant these little critters everywhere! Aren’t they beautiful?


I have started seedlings this week. That is the first step for me in gardening so I feel like I am back to gardening! Deb is still thawing out as it much of the east coast. What are you up to? Your posts are always inspiring to me. I learn so much every week.

So let’s do it shall we?

Be sure to stop by Dandelion House and Deb’s to send warm thoughts her way to melt the remaining snow!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #189

apronHowdy and welcome to Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #189!

OK, I will say it— I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! Yep I do. I know some folks don’t like it for all kinds of reasons, but I love having light longer in the evenings (it energizes me) and I love that it signifies spring and summer are on their way and soon I will be in my garden at 8:00 pm loving life! So yes I will lose an hour of sleep, but I lose an hour here and there anyhow on a regular basis. I am just looking forward to Sunday evening and having the daylight a little longer, especially since my plans include starting some seedlings this Sunday. ūüôā

Deb and I¬†are so excited about the latest edition of MaryJanesFarm Magazine. Mine has not come yet… maybe today??? The Girl Genius featured in Deb’s article is Sarah Hudock. Most of you are familiar with her artwork and love it like I do. I can’t wait to read the article.

Stop by Deb’s today, say “hi” and get the details on some fun articles awaiting us!

Let’s get hopping. What have you been up to? Were you snowed in again? Maybe that left some time for crafting or baking.

Enjoy your extra daylight in the evenings and I hope you are thawing out, but slow enough to not cause an issue!

Happy Friday! See you on the hop!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #188

apronHello and welcome! We took a couple of weeks off, but we are back blog hopping and we are hoping you can join in!

I know many of us are still dealing with the white stuff and cold, but March 1 is this weekend and that means before long I will be starting seedlings inside. I can’t wait to see my green babies again!


A couple weeks ago on the hop Tammy from Taylor Made Homestead shared her garden plan with us.

I loved it and her blog for many reasons and one being that she uses excel like I do on my garden planning. So her blog hit the gardener AND the geek in me! She has great tips about rotations and sunlight too. If you missed it, check it out!

I am very ready for a melt down here. Our sump pump froze last Saturday so I think it is ready for some warm temperatures also!

I do love the four seasons however and I am so grateful to have snow on the ground and sunshine on my brain!

What are you up to? How do you get ready for spring while still fighting the cold?

While you are hopping with us, be sure to hop over to say hi to my co-hostess Deb at Dandelion House.  She has some great information on a little road trip that looks like fun for those of you our east!

Let’s get hopping!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #187


Howdy farmgirls and welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Deb has been cold and buried in the white stuff. I have been cold without snow and looking at 50 tomorrow. Maybe a little outdoor activity will occur. I have been in the basement today digging through boxes and trying to slim down the storage.

I have been having so much fun planning our garden. I have gotten a bit more organized with a plan on a spreadsheet, done a seed inventory and ordered some seeds to fill in the gaps. I LOVE seed catalogs. How about you? Nothing takes the chill off like looking at summer squash, tomatoes and peppers!


Do you have a favorite activity to do in these cold months? Quilting, crocheting, dreaming of gardening (like me)… share what you have been up to this week.

Deb and I are looking forward to your posts. Have a great weekend and week!

Let’s Hop!


Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #186

apronHowdy farmgirls and happy Friday! It is sunshiny here but a little deceiving as it is COLD.  But we have nothing on Deb over at Dandelion House and you other eastern farmgals that got blasted with the snow storm earlier this week! We are expecting snowfall this weekend and to be honest I am crossing my fingers for some. I am missing the white stuff!

I look forward to reading your entries each week. Last week I read with¬†a bit of shock of Urban Overall’s finds in dried beans over the years. I do sort and rinse but I confess to laziness on this one as I have never spotted anything out of place so I thought these warnings to be a bit exaggerated. She has convinced me to be more diligent!

moldy beans with assorted shriveled beans and pebbles

I am busy with my garden plan and looking at seed catalogs. I added some new catalogs to the mix this year and cannot wait to get through them all. What are you up to?

Join on in and brag a bit on yourself and what you are doing. We love to read them! Let’s get hoppin’!

Hop over to Deb’s for the updates on the snow storm and the damage she encountered. AND also the cute video of her chickens!

Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart~ MaryJaneButters

This is a Blog Hop!