Thanksgiving on Ice

I love Thanksgiving! How about you? Family, friends, food… what is wrong with any of that?

For 7 years we have tried to get the daughters, partners, kids and my parents here all at the same time. Needless to say that has been challenging to say the least. BUT finally it happened! We arranged for everyone to be here the weekend before Thanksgiving. It would be a short visit, but all would be here. We were excited preparing, shopping, planning what to cook and bake and then….







Now on Thursday morning, it was beautiful. By 830 our power was out and it was simply a short inconvenience. It was the day we were going to bake and clean but if it was on by 4pm we would be good. Afterall, we weren’t getting my mom and dad until Friday afternoon and then others would follow in on Saturday morning.

By dark we had flashlights and thought it would be on during the night sometime. Prior to bed we got the ETA from our energy company that it would be Sunday night before we would see power.

So I cried and panicked. I was so sad that this was the first time all together in years and we would be in the dark and have to change our menu. I was concerned for my parents being in a cold house and wandering in the dark.

Then hubby, as hubby does, says to me “I have a plan!” So we got a hotel room for my parents at night and hooked up our generator to get us a light hooked up. With a gas stove and grill and a little shifting in menus, we were in business! (and a headlamp never hurts!)






We added some fun rules to kick things off on a positive note!






Everyone arrived and we had a spectacular time! We picked up many pizzas from Marion’s in Dayton Ohio which is a favorite of all!






And who cares about power when you have a tractor with a scoop, a culvert to explore and gingerbread houses to make?






We took rides and played in the mud…






We had a wonderful time! When the power was restored, we cheered but also felt a little melancholy that our little adventure had ended. As a matter of fact, that evening, we sat in the sunroom with lights off and laughed and talked and laughed and talked. There may have been singing and dancing involved as well. 🙂

It was a great reminder of what Thanksgiving is about– family, love and laughter!

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of great memories and love!

Happy Unleashing,


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