Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #244

Hello, welcome and let’s try this again shall we!

I have been out of town the majority of Fridays since March so our little blog hop has suffered and my apologies to you for that. But I am home and feeling like my head is above water so let’s blog hop shall we? I am sure you have been up to all kinds of things lately and I am looking forward to reading the entries today!

Did you see my awesome purse that hubby had made for me from my boots? Stagecoach Bags creates these heirlooms. Isn’t it great?

Let’s do it shall we? Time to hop!

Share a post about what your inner and outer farmgirl is doing and feeling this week. Brag on yourself and your skills! Share what being a farmgirl means to you; you don’t have to live on a farm to be a farmgirl! 😉

Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart -MaryJaneButters

Thanks to all of you for visiting again. Please add an entry and let’s resurrect this baby together!

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