Welcome Home Bees!

IMG_20160603_190827296We had a long trip up and back to pick up our bees today. The buzz coming back was noticeable as they stuck their little heads out of the screens. Only one bee managed to squeeze out and then she spent the rest of the drive confused and failing at attempts to rejoin her family.

They have a little longer to wait before settling into their final destination. You see it is sprinkling and threatening rain. To take the chance of having the nuc opened at a cloud outburst is too great. Bees do not like to get rained on! So we have them hanging out in our lean to against the pole barn. It is covered well and they will not get wet and they can simply remain in the home that they have known now for several weeks. We will introduce them to their new, larger digs over the weekend.

You may ask “what is that brown on the concrete next to them?” It is cinnamon. The lean to is famous for having ants and ants love to visit hives. Cinnamon deters the ants and should keep the nucs ant free as they hang out there this evening.

A nuc is special in that the bees that are in there are all related to each other and to the queen that is in there. They are family (I hear a song in there somewhere). They have been living in the nuc now for several weeks building comb, raising brood and now they are ready for their larger home.

So welcome home little bees! We will get you in your new place tomorrow. Sleep well.

Happy Unleashing!



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