First Green Babies Hit the Ground!

The rain gave us a break this week which meant some of my green babies got in the ground!

This batch had been hardening off and I imagine they were excited to get in the back of Ms. Tupelo to ride back to their garden home.


These were truly the strongest bunch of plants I have ever had. They all looked awesome as they went in.

IMG_20160525_115211025 (1)

I plant so many varieties of tomatoes that I decided to color code them with tie wraps this year. Early in year I can recall my layout. Later in the year when it is a tomato jungle out there, it becomes more difficult to distinguish. The difference between a Green Zebra and Purple Cherokee is obvious but 5 different Romas can become challenging as they all start to intertwine with one another.


I also am planting eggplant this year. I hope they do well. I am looking forward to Eggplant Parmesan from these and my tomatoes.


Bottom line is that these first green babies are happy to be in and this farmgirl was even happier to get some soil under the nails and sunshine!


Happy Unleashing!


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