Country Roads, Take Me Home

If you ever have or do live in a large city you know that traffic can grind on you. After many, many years in Atlanta traffic got the best of me. Even now when I visit I cannot believe the number of cars and the number of lanes of traffic. It doesn’t matter that I lived it for 20+ years, I will never be able to get my head around it.

Recently when we were driving to and from church, I snapped some pictures of our “commute” now. I really love driving in the country. And although our church is 50+ miles up the road, the drive is so pleasant that I don’t mind it. And it takes about an hour. Now compare driving 50 miles in an hour to 12 miles in an hour and you will see why I don’t mind this. It is relaxing and pretty.

Come take a ride with me. I see this view every time we drive north of us.









This little church is so cute. You can see the steeple well in advance; especially when the skies are blue.


The farms on the drive are so lovely. I like to imagine what they are up to at the moment we are passing. We notice new calves or goats that are out and about. We see a farm that has ostriches and one that raises bison. The first shot below is an herb farm and winery, Streamcliff Farms. It is where I spent my birthday lunch if you recall pictures from that. It is one of my favorite local spots.









I also love seeing these random storage for Doritos out here. The trucks pull in and out picking up boxes and boxes of chips. It seems that it is in the middle of no where. Whenever I see a Doritos truck I wonder if it has stopped here.


I have a “thing” for small cemeteries. This is one of many we pass by.


And what would a ride in the country be without seeing your local junk yard? I think we pass at least three on the way to church.








The open road is the best. No bright red brake lights staring at me and not moving. Just road and sky.


Soon we have arrived. I am in a happy mood rather than stressed. The hour passes serenely and we have seen really pretty stuff once again. I love my new commute.

How about you? What kind of commute do you have? Do you enjoy it?

Happy driving!


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