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IMG_20160123_123049121The latest edition of MaryJanesFarm Magazine has some FANTABULOUS brunch recipes. We tried one this past weekend with a little twist due to stuff we had on hand.

This recipe is for Baked Egg Gallettes and they were fantastic!

The crust is wonderfully soft. It is not like a pie crust; the texture is softer (more like a bread). It uses whole wheat flour and was yummy!

The spread inside is a mixture of cream cheese, herbs and spinach. I was out of spinach but had just picked some swiss chard from our cold frame so I substituted that.

IMG_20160123_112929018_HDRThe recipe calls for the inside to be stuffed with roasted veggies. That would be fantastic! I happen to have ratatouille leftovers on hand so I used those. Be creative is my motto while in the kitchen. Fold up the crust and crack an egg!

IMG_20160123_112934901Brush with an egg wash and bake.

It all worked beautifully together and was a supreme brunch dish!IMG_20160123_120341150



I have tried to find the recipe online or on MaryJanesFarm pinterest board but it is not yet posted that I can find. Go out and get the magazine for this and other delicious brunch recipes!IMG_20160123_120705713

I love breakfast. How about you? Do you have a favorite?



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  1. Yum! I too like to be creative and use what I have on hand when cooking. I just might grab some fresh eggs from the girls and make my own version this weekend. Best, Kim

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