200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop Anniversary AND Giveaway!


WOW! 200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Some of you have been here since hop #1 and some (like me) joined in sometime between then and now. Whenever you started hopping with us, we are just glad you did!

Every week we have such an array of great blogs, tips, fun and creativity. Deb and I love reading them and feeling connected to you all.

Hop over to Deb’s to see where her inspiration came from for our blog hop (I am sure many of you can guess it is MaryJane Butters). She inspired Deb to start our blog hop.

A little known fact is that when we decided to move to the country the very first magazine I bought was a MaryJanesFarm Magazine. I had never heard of this magazine in the “city” but I ate it up–every page and have been a loyal reader and part of the Farmgirl Sisterhood ever since.

So it only makes sense that on this, our 200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop that Deb and I are giving away TWO 1 year subscriptions to MaryJanesFarm Magazine!

Do I hear a YIPEE??

We know ya’ll are busy, busy, busy!  It is summer time right??? So, simply leave a comment on my blog and Deb’s and finish the statement

“You might be a farmgirl if…..”

I can’t wait to see how ya’ll finish that one. For me it would be “You might be a farmgirl if you have more dirt under your nails than polish on top.”

What about you? Visit Deb and I and leave your antic! Good Luck!

14 thoughts on “200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop Anniversary AND Giveaway!

  1. You might be a farmgirl if you still let your chickens free range even though they eat all the hosta’s to the ground. Thanks for the chance to win a year of MaryJane! My subscription has ran out it would be great!

  2. You might be a farm girl if, your garden is tidy but your house isnt…..because you have been spending every spare moment in the garden. You can clean when it rains.

  3. You might be a farm girl if your backyard is full of veggies and chickens, but live in the city-like I do.

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  6. “You might be a farm girl if you have a big ole painting of a cow hanging on the wall in your living room.”
    Thanks so much for this generous giveaway….keeping my olden fingers crossed. 🙂
    Thanks for hosting and congrats on your party anniversary. Yay…:)

  7. You might be a farmgirl if you wake up to roosters crowing instead of the sound of the teenager next door revving up his loud car.

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