White in the Yard; Green on the Brain

Like many of you we have white surrounding us.


But I am deep into garden planning and my plan tells me that I am about to start seedlings!

garden plan

This weekend looks like I will be in the pole barn starting peppers, onions and eggplant. Starting plants is one of my very favorite activities. I blast music, get stuff under my nails and set my babies up for success!

Now for the line item that says to start prepping our gardens, hummm….well…. I don’t think so. Covered in new snow as of this morning, with ice underneath. It is going to be a bit before I am prepping outside. But I can start plants inside and I am so excited to do so.

The first line on my spreadsheet has the stuff I need to keep in mind in my planning. Most are self explanatory. If you aren’t familiar with the term “persephone” that is when daylight hours dip below 10 hours a day. That is really important for many plants and determines when you start things; especially if you fall and winter garden.


My garden plan is in excel (like I have shared before I am a geek) and my garden plan workbook has multiple tabs.

garden tabs

In plant varieties, I have specific varieties for each type of plant I would like to grow. Those that are not in green are seeds I already have. Those that are green, started as yellow– meaning that I had to get those. Since I have ordered and received my seeds they are now in green.

varieties in garden plan

Inside the companion tab I have plants that are great partners and those marked that should not be together. Yellow indicates same family of plants.


In the rotation tab I will indicate which garden each variety gets planted into for the next four years so that they are rotated. Rotation is great for the soil and great for your plants if you are able to do that.

Cost is simple– I track each expense so I can see how much I spend.

Some resources I have used are the “Week-by-Week Vegetables Gardener’s Handbook”, “Carrots Love Tomatoes”, “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible”, anything Eliot Coleman and my school resources (of which are many!)

I have not been this formalized in my first two seasons and while I have had many successes, I have also had learnings. Most of those lessons entail just doing something at the wrong time, so I was committed over the winter to get this together. My plan includes reminders on thinning, weeding, hilling tomatoes and sharpening hoes as well.

Do you have a formalized plan of some type? Could be post-its, could be on a calendar itself, maybe it is in a notebook because you prefer to write out your plan, maybe you use another tool like Evernote. Whatever you do I think that it is just the planning that is important.

Are you in planning mode or planting mode?

Happy dreaming of green!




2 thoughts on “White in the Yard; Green on the Brain

  1. Wow, you have such a detailed plan. I don’t have the patience to figure out most of the programs for garden planning. I use old-fashioned paper and pencil. I think it helps me to solidify the plan if I’m actually drawing it out. Enjoy your seeding!

    • I enjoy that you can draw it out. I am not so successful in that department. For work I use excel so I guess that is my comfort zone! Happy gardening!

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