Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #179

apronHello and welcome to December! It is cold, but not snowy here currently. Fall decorations are down and chopping a Christmas Tree down this weekend is on the agenda. We are reading about what the small, local towns around us do for the holidays and deciding how we can fit in all the light displays, concerts, plays and other fun things. We are heading to my mom and dad’s tomorrow to get their Christmas decorations down from their attic. I have been looking at Etsy, Pinterest and other DIY sites for really cool, make it yourself Christmas gifts. PJ’s are waiting to be sewn. Hubby and I spent a fun filled evening last night with cheese and crackers and wine doing a bit of online shopping for goodies.

Coming off of a great trip seeing all the kids and spending Thanksgiving with our first grandson was supreme! We cooked and ate and played and enjoyed. It has also just made me reflect on how blessed we are. We have a lovely life with great health. Others around us are not so fortunate and each day I thank God for our health and the ability to do and enjoy what we have.

So it is busy, but filled with holiday fun. What are you enjoying and doing? What are you busy with? Do you go over the top with decorating and baking for the holidays or keep it simple? Glad you took time to join us today; share what you are up to!

Be sure to stop by Deb’s she is highlighting a beautiful box and sharing a little power tool envy! I love power tools! How about you?

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