Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #178


Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I know it was yesterday, but we are still celebrating and visiting. We will have a 2nd round of dinner tonight and I can’t wait. I love the leftovers and spending time with family. An added bonus is that much of our food came from our garden this year. For me that made everything taste better! Celebrating with the kids and our first grandson was (and is) glorious!

Deb has been busy this week moving her mom in and decluttering on top of celebrating Thanksgiving! Oh that word… I love the feeling after decluttering but can procrastinate that one pretty successfully. We try to declutter an area, drawer, cabinet or something for 30 minutes a couple times a week. We have much still to go through since our move and although this does not get it done quickly it does move it forward. How about you? How do you do all the stuff you normally do and still find time to declutter those areas that just seem to hold onto things?

I am thoroughly enjoying fall. I am playing around with low tunnels and cold frames outside. Hopefully we will reap a harvest from those efforts.


What about you? How was your Thanksgiving? Are you making gifts for the holiday? Do you bake lots of cookies and yummies? So glad you are spending part of your day with us. Please share what you are up to!apron

Be sure to stop by Deb’s and see who won the giveaway and say hello! Thanks for joining us!



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