Bee Visit with a Visitor

IMG_20141109_152626581When we got the bees in the spring, we bought protective gear to wear on our visits to them. I love the gear and it keeps me calm out there and totally focused on the bees rather than me. We had the great idea of purchasing one extra set of gear for visitors that might be here that would want to go see the bees. So glad we did that, because when Laura and family visited she wanted to go see the bees!
Like a good mommy, I made sure she was all zipped up and enclosed. She is a mommy herself now, but I still gotta do that! She indulged me…


And off we went to visit the bees along with hubby. We showed her to smoke and how the hive tool helps us to pry things apart gently.




We saw honey and bee activity and she was amazed at the little critters (same for us every time we visit them)





Soon Laura had her hands in there and was inspecting the bees herself!


She loved it; maybe a future beekeeper?


This was really fun to share with her; glad we have the extra gear!

Happy Unleashing,


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