Mustard and Canning Peppers???

Mustard and PeppersThis was our last harvest of the summer (almost…). We picked 28 lbs of tomatoes, 11 lbs of green beans and 9 lbs of peppers. I am on a food preserving roll as you can imagine. The canner and I are one…

Well we farmgirls can get a little confident at times can’t we? I did and so much so that I got a little sloppy and negligent.

I had experienced great success with my pepper jelly earlier, so when it came time to pickle some hot peppers, I was feeling in a groove. I rinsed those beautiful cubanellas, jalapenos and serranos off and they were beauties. Bright and bold. I was so proud. I read the part of about wearing the plastic gloves–you know that part about they can burn your eyes or get in a cut. Well, I really wasn’t sure where the gloves were since our house is in major remodel and is in upheaval. And well, I have sliced hot peppers before. And I will just take precautions. NO TOUCHING ANYTHING WHILE I SLICE THESE. So I set the rules, the peppers understood and off we went. Slicing and pushing out seeds. And I did not touch anything. No pain at all any where. I washed my hands thoroughly and admired the peppers.  Aren’t they beautiful?


While those were processing, it was time to take on the tomatoes. I had water boiling to blanch the skins, I had jars being prepped in more hot water, I had a canner going, I had my kettle on whistling and I started blanching and skinning tomatoes.


My hands were on fire. You know that feeling that you get when you burn yourself cooking and it will not go away fire? That hot that is not calmed with cool water? Every time I neared a hot pot it got worse.

I HAD PEPPER BURNS! Those little beauties had done me good!

I grabbed my handy burn cream and yes, I went I found my plastic gloves so the acid in the tomatoes would not be in contact. The burn cream did not help however.

Hubby, who is a problem solver, dropped everything and started to google a solution. I continued on with burning hands; I had to get these tomatoes done afterall! A little pain wasn’t going to stop me.

And then he approached and said “put your hands out.”


Yellow mustard! We don’t even eat yellow mustard since we are seedy and dijon fans. But we keep some on hand for guests. Lucky for me because he told me to rub it all over my hands.

Rub mustard

Mustard on Hands



And MAGIC! The pain was gone. Wow. I had never heard of this DIY cure, but it is a miracle potion that little yellow stuff.  Write this one down or Pin it, but do not forget it.

I did wear gloves for the rest of the day as I had more peppers to do. But my hands feel great.

I do wonder if I am going to feel hubby nibbling on my fingers in the middle of the night. They do smell like mustard and he does like hot dogs; I’m just sayin’.

Happy Unleashing,


2 thoughts on “Mustard and Canning Peppers???

  1. Wow I’m glad you got some relief and wish I’d have this info a few nights ago. Chuck was cutting up some very hot peppers for his chow chow and had to stop…I was just trying to teach him how to can…He had to bow out his hands were on fire….Great advice!

  2. Glad this helped, albeit a bit late for Chuck. I will file this cure into memory. I have also raised my respect for peppers and will treat them with more care in the future. For today, thank goodness for yellow mustard!

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