Mimi Moments

mom and arloLife changing moments occur for all of us. A biggie happened to me on June 17th when I witnessed my middle daughter become a mommy for the first time!  And I, instantly transformed into grandma, affectionately known as “Mimi”  to my family. It is amazing, as many of you know, to enter this experience on the journey of  life. As each day passes and Arlo is in our lives, I find myself finding multitudes of joyous moments that I have been referring to as “Mimi Moments”  I would love to share some of these with you. The first moment having Arlo in my arms was pure heaven. The happiness is and was indescribable. mimi and arlo Another came in calming baby Arlo and showing his mommy and daddy some “tricks”.  After several minutes of “blowing off some steam” (ie crying), Mimi had a try at comforting the little one. I pulled out an old carrying position that was always a sure thing with my girls, and instant quiet. Magic! (not really, just some years under me) My daughter is nursing Arlo. I nursed all three of mine and it thrills me when Laura asks me for guidance or just feels like she can talk to me about this. I love that we are experiencing the same emotions with our firstborn 25+ years apart. On Day 2 the nurse arrived to examine Arlo. He was not happy about being undressed and poked at. I stood over the bassinet held his little hand, rubbed his leg and foot and he calmed. I felt so happy knowing that I could make that traumatic experience a little better for him. Afterwards as he stared at me I felt like his little eyes were saying “wow that was a team effort!” I have loved Laura recalling childhood and teenage moments with me as her mommy.  Some I remember and some I do not.  It is amazing what sticks with your children. I am so happy that Laura takes with her the fact that I loved being a mom. I also take such joy in seeing Arlo’s daddy loving his new role. The way he waits on my daughter and grandson is thrilling and assures me there is nothing to worry about as far as their care goes.  Laura has a partner in parenting; what a gift! I was honored to drive the new family home as Arlo “sang” the entire way. carseat Laura and Adam have been so grateful to have “Mimi” around which of course makes me happy.  I am glad I am helping and easing their worries the best I can.  Adam thanked me sincerely before leaving the hospital and said he felt like he was learning from the “master.” That strokes the ego, but more than that really fulfills something deep inside.  My most treasured role is that of mommy. The nights awake with all three of mine in the quietness of their nursing and breathing are some of my most sacred moments of my life. I am beyond happy to share those experiences of joy (and fear) with them. Yesterday, when I visited them at home, Arlo was happily lying on Mommy.  At my arrival she passed him onto “Mimi”.  Arlo in turn got a bit fussy about leaving mom.  The greatest Mimi moment yet, was passing that little guy back to mommy knowing that his greatest comfort is in her arms. Me becoming a “Mimi” or my daughter  becoming a “Mommy”?  It is a toss up as to which is the greatest Mimi moment. Happy Unleashing! FGU

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