Green Babies Thriving in my Absence!

Sometimes life happens and the best laid plans…. well you know!  We farmgirls (even us newbies!) are busy, busy, busy. We plan, we act, and we hop off the trail when other duties call. My new role of Mimi has pulled me away from Big Sky Acres lately. It is well WORTH it!  Spending these couple weeks here, cuddling with Arlo and seeing my daughter become a mommy– well as VISA says it is “priceless.”

As you might remember I have some green babies! I started my tomatoes and peppers from seed this year (I am still a novice at this veggie growing thing) and they have been my pride and joy. I have 100+ green babies and some are quite tall right now and getting blooms on them.

However, my plans of a weed free, beautifully planted area for these little babies has gotten sidetracked more than once this season. Rain, back issues, cold weather and all kinds of things have side stepped my plans. My traveling has not helped either.  Some tomatoes are in the garden–it is not weed free or pristine, but you know what??  They don’t seem to mind. They are thriving and hubby sends me pictures of them growing. These green babies are doing just fine in the sunshine and soil. I can’t wait to see them next week!

tomato and weeds

I still have many to plant. Next week, when I get home I will do that, but for now they are still in pots on my deck. I gave them a good spray of fish emulsion before I left and they don’t look too bad.  They are patiently waiting for me and growing while doing so.

tomatoes on deck


peppers on deck

So, I am late, late with the garden chores. But as a year around gardener (in the making) that is OK! I am reading in my Indiana gardening book that I can still plant beans, peas, squash and all kinds of things in July.  Yippee!! When my CSA is finishing up on their cycle, mine will follow. My other bed is full of lettuce, radishes, chard and peas. Those morsels will be awaiting me next week to hop on a dinner plate.

Best laid plans… we don’t make them! I love my “distraction” of baby Arlo and my green babies are thriving in my absence and will continue to do so when I return. Have I “got my garden in?” Well some it, not all of it, but if I embrace the idea of growing in a constant state, year around there is no “get my garden in” date. It is only about what’s up today. For me, Arlo is my focus today, the plants are focusing on sunshine and all is right in both worlds.

Happy Unleashing!


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