Drying My Cayenne Peppers

pickedpeppersAs a newbie at gardening some of my judgment calls were a little off when I decided on plants and how many of them were needed last spring.  Yellow pear tomatoes were one of those.  We had 10s of thousands of those.  They are super yummy, but even after I pulled the plants we were still harvesting from them. 🙂

Peppers were no exception—poblanos anchos, cayenne and habaneras were bountiful to say the least!  I charred the poblanos/anchos and froze them. They will be a welcome addition to many recipes in the next few months.  The habeneros had limited use actually for us.  I LOVE hot, but these are a little too hot and I cannot serve a dish in them for company!  They were awesome however in making pepper/garlic spray to keep the bugs away and the garden smelled like salsa every time I sprayed (no complaints there!).

The cayenne peppers are so pretty on the plant and I can use them in some of my dishes.  BUT these plants put out ALOT! So I decided to dry them and make my own crushed pepper to sprinkle no things instead of buying the stuff at the store.  Have you ever dried with a dehydrator? I did not have one so I compared many and this is what I got-Nesco FD80.  I have dried basil so I figured I would give it a try on the peppers.

I picked a bunch, rinsed them and then started slicing them in half.  Remove as many of the seeds as you can. WEAR GLOVES and don’t touch your face or eyes while you do this unless you really enjoy that burning feeling.

gloves  removeseeds

Then lay them flat in the dehydrator. They should not be touching.  They need the airflow to dry.


The length of time and the settings are based on your dehydrator.  It took my peppers about 48 hours to dry.  When they came out I gave them a whirl in my small food processor.


Oh my goodness, did I sneeze while this was chopping!  My hubby walked in the room and started at it also! 🙂  It was pretty funny!

Look how pretty they are?  I used a little glass jar that I had washed and saved.  I cannot wait to sprinkle this on some pasta or pizza or kale… or whatever!


Do you dry any of your food?

Happy Halloween and Happy Unleashing!

3 thoughts on “Drying My Cayenne Peppers

  1. I love dried peppers on everything. I don’ have a dehydrator so I just pick them, wash them, lay them on a paper towel in a large bowl and let them air dry on the counter for about 2 weeks. Then I just grind them up in a blender, seeds and all. It’s amazing how much ground pepper you get, isn’t it?

    Stopped by from Sunny Simple.

    • Hi Kimberly and welcome! I used some of the crushed pepper last night and it was so good! So much more flavorful than the stuff I had in my cupboard. 🙂

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