I am Seeing Red (in a good way)

DSCN3349 The pole barn continues to be built and the red roof is an absolute love of mine.  There was no doubt in my mind when Levi asked me “what color should the roof be?”.  RED! RED! RED!  I love red and anyone who knows me knows that I love red.  Heck, I even love the 49ers and the Buckeyes and the Reds—see a common thread here?

I love the metal roof and cannot wait to stand under it in the rain.  I was hoping for some at the end of the day as it was thundering, but it just did not break loose, but that is definitely in my future!

Again, I just loved watching them work with such skill and collaboration.  It is just amazing to see.  Lots of red in the pictures all day—

Then when I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, my “lean to” started to get constructed.  I claimed the lean to a while back for potting and gardening tasks.  Hubby is making me a nice gardening shelf to play on.  So the lean to is “my space” although I will be more than happy to share with hubby.

On the top then they placed the cupola brace. 🙂


and at the end of the day we were looking at this:


And just like any proud momma would do, I will tell you that it is the best ever and there has never been a better one than this one.

Happy Unleashing today!

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