Rite of Passage—Pole Barn!

This morning I had a blog topic ready in my head and I had just sat down to blog when this happened:

trailer with trusses

Have I told you recently how excited I am to get our pole barn? OK… so yes I have, but REALLY I am!  When I think about a space for our tractor, seedlings, pots, trailer, rakes, hoes, and on and on I get so thrilled.

A couple of years ago I would have never, ever thought of this.  I mean in a subdivision you don’t exactly build a 30×44 structure for outdoor equipment.  But when you get 5+ acres and you have some dreams (both big and small) you got to have a place to store stuff and work in to make all these dreams come true.

So I left my computer and my blog idea and snapped some shots for memories sake:

So they are now ours and waiting for other pieces parts and the construction crew from a nearby Amish village.  They are truly just the nicest people to have been dealing with!

The best shot of the day though is what will don the cupola:


This represents one of my big dreams here—chickens and hens and eggs oh my!  So this will keep that vision in front of me while we continue talking forwards steps in fulfilling our dreams.

Next week…. probably more pole barn shots. 🙂  It is after all a right of passage for me in unleashing my inner farmgirl!

6 thoughts on “Rite of Passage—Pole Barn!

  1. How exciting! Since I live in a neighborhood, I have my supplies tucked into a) a small storage area in back of the house, b) the laundry room, which is big, at least, and c) the garage. I can definitely imagine that with the acreage you have, you would need a good-sized dedicated space.

  2. I have came over for a visit from Deborah Jean’s and am so excited to meet another Farmgirl sister! I am Sister #4048. So glad to meet you! We moved to our 10 acres from the city 5 years ago and I am still adjusting. Although I grew up in farm country in Indiana, when I married young I moved with my then husband to a city in Michigan. Raised three daughter in the same little house in the city. Re-married, became empty nesters and decided it was time to live our dreams. My hubs is building a pole barn this summer also. His is for a wood shop and not farm equipment though. We garden, I raise chickens but there is really no farming going on since we live in the middle of the woods and do not have a lot of open space.

    • Hi Brenda. So glad you found me via Deborah Jean and the blog hop! We are in southern Indiana currently and we love it. Our pole barn goes up starting Monday! I am beside myself over it. Chickens are on my dream roadmap and hoping to add them in the spring. What kinds do you have? Do you raise for eggs, meat or both? I want egg layers and some that will get along with my doggie! Have a great weekend and hope to keep in touch. I will hop over to your blog.

      • Just remembered to come back to see if you replied. I forget who comments on their blog and who sends note via e-mail. I have a smorgasbord of hens. We only have layers. Just lost one my favorites a couple of weeks ago. We now have a couple of buff Orpingtons, which are really nice, hardy chickens. I do have one that goes broody every year, which can be a pain when you do not have fertile eggs. I have one Americana left (the Easter Egg) girl. Two of the Golden Lace Wyandottes, a very large black hen that I adore but she always seems to be missing her front neck feathers and a red hen that I cannot remember her breed. I started out with a dozen but they are over 3 years old. Was going to get chicks the last two springs but one thing or another kept me from it. All my hens ignore our dog and she just kinda mossys along with them when she is loose. She is a Scottie and just almost always has her nose to the ground. But heaven help the squirrel that comes to close if she is loose. We usually keep her on a leash because we worry about her running off and getting lost in the woods.

        • Hi Brenda! We have so much in common that I feel like I know you! Thanks for the hen suggestions and info! We hope that when we get them that they will all get along with our dog! I have got to have an Americauna and those Easter Eggs! Hope to see you on the blog hop Friday!

    • Brenda– forgot to say that I too raised 3 daughters in the city and remarried and am living my dreams out now with my second hubby. We just love our life here!

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