I have bought edamame frozen and at a restaurant before so I thought I knew its characteristics very well. But this week, when we got a surprise of edamame in our CSA bag, I was excited and then surprised when I saw it and read the blurb our coordinator emailed us. 

It was still on its stems which were really stiff and the pods were really FUZZY! They are actually baby soybeans so I guess it is like baby fuzz that my girls had when they were born. 🙂

stem stems

Then I read in the email that you must boil these before you eat them.  In raw form they can be toxic to both people and animals.  Boiling for 5 minutes takes care of that.

So I snipped them off, rinsed them, boiled them for 5 minutes and then lightly salted them. 

Afterwards it was so fun to pop them out and eat them.  I must say they were FAR better than any frozen ones I have purchased or any that I have ordered in a restaurant before.  They were oh so good! 

I love trying new veggies from the CSA and even though edamame was not totally new to me, the experience was!

Try anything new lately?

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