Buzzing with Excitement!

I did it.  I have registered (along with Mike) for Beekeeping School in October!

BK school

I cannot tell you how excited I am to take another step in my journey of simplifying, providing for myself and creating the homestead that I have been dreaming of and manifesting in my head and heart for years.

We have been reading some bee books and I am absolutely intrigued by the live and ecosystem of bees.  Their breeds, their roles in the hive, the community spirit that they live for (and die for). I simply cannot wait to don my white coveralls, gloves and hat/veil combo and get my first package of bees in a few months and welcome them to their new hive while I am working my smoker.  

I am living in a constant state of fulfilling the answer to the question “what do I want to be when I grow up?”  It is never too late to ask this question.  What I want to be is what I have been hiding for a long time.  She has been buried but is coming out.  That is what Farmgirl Unleashed is all about!  Creating a homestead, doing things for myself and others, getting real, getting simple and getting in touch with the cycles of life in nature and life.

Beekeeping is my next step on that journey…. I will continue to read and dream and experience.  Bees will be part of this new life and much else is to come!

Beekeepers out there?  Share your tales with me!

Happy unleashing!

2 thoughts on “Buzzing with Excitement!

  1. Love it! Congrats. I am planning to raise Orchard Mason Bees this next year. I have several fruit trees, and friends recommended them. They don’t make honey, but they’re great pollinators. I haven’t decided if I will raise honeybees or not, though my yard attracts them (they love my lavender), so it would be a nice fit.

    • I have not heard of Orchard Mason Bees. I must look them up. I am finding the entire bee thing fascinating! Thanks for sharing this. Happy Friday.

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